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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Motivators

Words are precious,
words are powerful,
do not waste them on trivia
or fighting.
Rather use them wisely and well.
for one word said at the right time
can bring about huge changes in the world.

What would the world be like now
if every one said no to war?
What would the world be like now
if every one said yes to peace?

You can make a great change
 in your world today,
just by using words.

Think of your favourite quotation,
or think of some thing of your own to say.
Then say it !!

send an email to all your friends
 with your words attached to it
 and see the effect this has upon peoples day.

We all need something positive popping up in our email box.

Here is mine

I can do anything, because I am everything.

Pass it on.

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