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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today is the day.

Today is the day that you define who you are to the world.
Your actions and reactions are they way that you define yourself.
If you are showing up in your life with a negative attitude,
then negativity is the worlds response.
If you show up in your life with a positive attitude,
then the world responds with positivity.
So simple yet we still do not "get" it.
The only thing you have total control over is your attitude,
so call upon yourself today to keep an eye on your responses and interactions
 with people and your environment.
This is the way you change your world
and the world of others too.
Is that not your wish?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What are guides?

What are Guides?

Guides are the existential part of ourselves that exists in the realm outside time and space.
They are a creation of what it is you want to see in yourselves. 
We are who you want and strive to be. 
Therefore we are you yourselves, 
completed in time and and space for you to contemplate, 
and communicate with.

You are just the same as us, yet you do not believe you are, 
therefore you create this seemingly external aspect of yourself 
and name it some thing that seems to make sense to you right now. 

We appear in the forms that most appeal to your psyche 
and are the least threatening to you , the least fearful and the most acceptable. 
These forms and images can change over time, 
as you change and grow, so does the information and connection that you require

We are always the exact answer to all your questions, 
we cannot suppose for you, 
you have to suppose and compose the questions for yourself. 
This allows you to contemplate and think about what it is you want, 
as we do not want to become the replacement of your own thoughts and desires, 
this would not be useful to you and it certainly would not be useful to us. 

We are there to advise illuminate and stimulate. 
We are not here to dictate, order or accumulate.

We are available all the time, as time has no meaning to us.
We are available all the time whether you believe it or not.

Many communicate with us without realising they are. 

They ask "themselves" the question what should I do now 
and they get the ideas and responses from us. 
For you see every time you pose a question either to yourself internally, 
or to others externally, we respond.
You could call us the great responders ..
"Oh yes we're the great responders."
(This is the song Oh yes we're the great pretender, 
my guides often use songs and humour)

That is our role, to respond to the requests of the responsive, which is you.

We respond to your thoughts and actions 
and are always ready to hear you and be there for you.
 Please realise this and then the connection is opened,
 it is never really closed, 
but it is great to have the response from you to the responder which is us.

This is simplified for you to understand more clearly,
who you are, and who we are in relationship with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's all about the money, honey.

Some ideas for removing blockages about money and abundance 
concerned with valuing yourself. 
You need to put money aside for yourself each week, 
depending on what you save shopping for other things.

i.e. if you get something in a sale, say 20% off, 
keep the 20% aside as you would have spent that anyway.

If there are specials on at the supermarket put aside the difference,
if you buy several things you use regularly on special,
by the time you have used them up they will be back on special.
Save the multiple difference of the specials.

Look at saving the difference between cleaning products
you make yourself and those in the supermarket
These are all rewards for you personally to use for you, 
because you are a thrifty and clever shopper.
I'm sure you can think of others too.
By doing this it will take away any guilty feelings about keeping the money for you because you have earned it.
From now on your main job is searching for bargains so you can save the difference.
You will be amazed at how much you can collect over a short time.
Because this is your job, this is your wage, your pay for you, and it's not taxable.
remember the difference is your wages.
This money CANNOT be used for any other purpose, not allowed it is for you only
Do the kids really need that extra toy when their rooms are over flowing?
And put aside the money you save from those toys for you to have at Xmas time for them.

As you can see you have to start to see your role as a paid job 
and you are the one finding the extra money for you.

When you start to do this and get into the swing of it, it will demolish any hidden blocks about money and you will start to see the abundance in your life.
I want you to start a list of what you value in yourself, I want you to get at least one hundred, yes one hundred things on this list.
Such things as
I value myself for going to work
I value myself for being a good mother/father
I value my love.
I value the fact that I produced some amazing meals today.

And so on.
This will help in all areas of your life not just about money, 
For abundance comes in many forms, money,love, happiness, joy.
All these things stem from the value you hold on yourself.

It is time for worthlessness and self criticism to go out of your life,
And worthiness and self praise to come into it.
You see no one else can do this for you, 
It is SELF worth and SELF praise.
Even if others are telling you the same things, 
it will have no effect if you do not believe it yourself.

You are valuable and you do have something to offer the world.
Just by being you, there is no one else on the planet 
or even in the universe the same as you.
How special is that, 
you are uniquely you 
and no one can copy or replicate that.

It's all about the money honey

For those who are afraid of spending money.

You may have seen money used in extravagant ways,
where no one benefits,
 it just flies out the window.
It is wasted and has no value when it is frittered away.
Therefor you do not know how to put a value on money.
So you are scared of spending it incase you get no value for money.
This value for money then becomes a negative
where you will not be willing to part with it unless you can see a value
and because of the fault you see in money,
you just don't spend it,
because you don't see the value.

You need to start keeping an account of where the money goes
and write down the value.
Eg the electricity bill - value is light, heating, the fridge keeping food safe,
washing, drying, etc.

Or clothes - looking good, feeling good, keeping warm or cool (depending on the season)
Presentation to the world. Showing your taste and who you are.

Car allows you to  travel, the value is connecting to others socially, getting to and from work, carrying shopping and goods for you, keeping family ties together.

You can list all the things in your life that cost money and write down the value for them.
It is similar to a gratitude journal,
 but in a gratitude journal you are grateful for the things you have.

When you actually resent the things you have that you have to spend money on,
 a gratitude journal would be a waste of time for you.

This journal is a value journal
where you list all the value you get from the things that cost you money.

This will break down the resistance to appreciating what you already have.
Money of course has no intrinsic value in itself,
it is just a paper or coin made up and produced by man to barter with.

We used to exchange time for time and goods for goods,
but then some one thought it a good idea to make something
that represents that exchange and they called it money.

It is time for you to recognise the fact
that you are using money as an exchange for goods and services.

Just as you are paid for your time and energy and skills at work,
so the money that goes out from you is doing the same.

When you pay the electric bill this goes towards several families income,
you are supporting them in the same way they are supporting you.
This then gives value to every cent you pay on bills.
Whether it is the supermarket, shops, services, petrol, in fact anyway you spend your money, always remind yourself it is going to other families just like yours.
You play a vital valuable role in all of their lives and you do not realise this just now.
Other families rely on your contribution to their welfare,
does this not make your money valuable.

When you spend others can eat,
when you spend others can be warm in their beds.
Think of this when you look at an item you want,
 imagine who made it and how you are going to support not only them,
but the shop keepers family
and hundreds of others along the line that you do not see.

Then you break down all the blockages you have about money
and guilt has gone too.
Happy spending. :):)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Musings

New Year Musings
It's that time of year again
when we set resolutions
 that come crashing down
 after a few months,
or even days.
Why do we seem to set ourselves up for failure?
Perhaps we could try a new idea.
Intention is a very powerful idea to use,
we all know what setting goals is all about.
say for example,
a holiday,
set the date,
 take the steps of booking hotels,
buying suitable clothes,
then going etc.
We all know how to set and achieve a goal
usually these are for things
 we know how to get logically.
An intention is usually about something
 which you have no idea how to get,
such as peace,
or satisfaction,
for example.
Goals are usually about things you can get,
intentions are about how you want to feel.
So what are your intentions for this year?
What are your intentions?
For study?
Self improvement?
Family relationships?
Romantic relationships?
Your work?
Where you live?
and most important
When you set an intention,
you are telling the Universe
 exactly what it is you require.
The Universe then responds.
When you set a goal,
 you then take the steps forward
towards its completion.
Setting an intention seems to work
 in the opposite direction,
the Universe brings towards you,
experiences to choose that which you intended.
How do you set an intention?
I know that when I reach out my right hand
 and tap it whilst stating the intention, 
 it is set for me.
Then I watch out for those experiences coming my way
some times they are instananeous!
You may be some one
who likes to have another type of ritual
 to set up your intentions,
such as lighting a candle and focusing on the intentions.
For others, writing them down can be powerful.
You will know what is right for you.
Remember you are talking to the Universe
 and it is always listening in to what you say.
Start thinking in a different way,
setting intentions,
then looking for the opportunities
 that come your way to experience them.
See what that does for you this year.