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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Using you Heart Chakra

Using your Heart Chakra.

Your Heart Chakra has always been,
 and will always be open.

Your fears are what you are or have been using,
 to stop you moving forward.

Recognise the feeling of the Heart Chakra
and then you will know how to evaluate a situation.

This is how you do it.

Sit for a few moments and picture a red rose,
this image represents love.

Feel how it feels - to feel and be love.

Then when you are doubtful about any situation,
 sit and feel the feeling around it.

Take time to allow any fears to subside,
 then feel.
If it feels the same as the love you felt,
 then it is right for you.

How to bring your love to a situation or relationship.

 When you want to choose to feel this feeling,
  sit and visualise the red rose,
 get the feeling and then be the feeling of love
 in the presence of that person or situation.

You do not have to let the person
know this is what you are feeling,
 the feeling of love is for you to feel,
 not necessarily to share that you are feeling it.

Get used to feeling love in the presence of others,
 and it will become who you are.

Remember your heart chakra is always working,
it is just waiting for you to feel it,
 and then compare it,
 or bring it into,
 your relationships or situations.

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