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I have been seeing clients and helping them to bring about changes in their lives for 40yrs. Bringing personal change and growth to those who come to see me. I see clients of all ages and occupations, they often tell me how much these sessions with me have brought about change and growth in their lives. It is an honour and a privilege to be witness to the personal power that lies dormant within you.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life changing consultations.

I have been working with clients 
as a Spiritual Counsellor and Healer for thirty years.
Over this time I have seen hundreds of people 
change their life for the better,
renewing their personal power,
and bringing peace and happiness
 into their lives once more.
My psychic abilities together with the techniques I use,
ensure a quick and easy transition 
into the person you truly want to be.
When you come to see me you may 
experience any of the following
Counselling from your Guides and Angels,
hands on healing I refer to as Bio Sonics
as an alternative
I use the Voyager Tarot deck for readings on request.
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I believe that healing
 does not have to be a long drawn out process.
Just because you have been running a behaviour
for a long time,
does not mean it takes a long time to release it.
You put in the emotion that caused the behaviour in a millisecond,
therefor you can let go of it in a
 millisecond too.
It is easy to let go of things that are causing you pain,
or those which you feel are holding you back.
These things are not the real you,
 they are just learned behaviours that you are running.

My powerful systems of cutting edge modalities,
together with the guidance I receive
 about your personal situation,
will enable you to resolve lifelong issues,
 that may be severely limiting
your capacity to live your life
the way you want to.
You will leave with a feeling of hope for the future,
and usually some "homework"
to help you take back control of who you are
and how you would like to present yourself to the world.

I work on a
Sunday - Monday and Thursday during the day.
Each consultation is one and a half hours,
 the investment into your well being is

To make an appointment please ring
0400 814 301

Realise your full potential
Remember you can do anything because you are everything.


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