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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What are guides?

What are Guides?

Guides are the existential part of ourselves that exists in the realm outside time and space.
They are a creation of what it is you want to see in yourselves. 
We are who you want and strive to be. 
Therefore we are you yourselves, 
completed in time and and space for you to contemplate, 
and communicate with.

You are just the same as us, yet you do not believe you are, 
therefore you create this seemingly external aspect of yourself 
and name it some thing that seems to make sense to you right now. 

We appear in the forms that most appeal to your psyche 
and are the least threatening to you , the least fearful and the most acceptable. 
These forms and images can change over time, 
as you change and grow, so does the information and connection that you require

We are always the exact answer to all your questions, 
we cannot suppose for you, 
you have to suppose and compose the questions for yourself. 
This allows you to contemplate and think about what it is you want, 
as we do not want to become the replacement of your own thoughts and desires, 
this would not be useful to you and it certainly would not be useful to us. 

We are there to advise illuminate and stimulate. 
We are not here to dictate, order or accumulate.

We are available all the time, as time has no meaning to us.
We are available all the time whether you believe it or not.

Many communicate with us without realising they are. 

They ask "themselves" the question what should I do now 
and they get the ideas and responses from us. 
For you see every time you pose a question either to yourself internally, 
or to others externally, we respond.
You could call us the great responders ..
"Oh yes we're the great responders."
(This is the song Oh yes we're the great pretender, 
my guides often use songs and humour)

That is our role, to respond to the requests of the responsive, which is you.

We respond to your thoughts and actions 
and are always ready to hear you and be there for you.
 Please realise this and then the connection is opened,
 it is never really closed, 
but it is great to have the response from you to the responder which is us.

This is simplified for you to understand more clearly,
who you are, and who we are in relationship with you.

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