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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The year ahead

The card for 2013
The death card
This may seem dark and foreboding, but this is not so.
This is a very positive card for this year.

Do you have old fears,
relationships or circumstances
 in your life that no longer serve you well,
or that you no longer need?
This is the time to let them go,
this is the death,
 the death of old negative emotions
 and ways of being.
The hooded figure on the card
represents the cloak of old habits
 you have been wearing for so long.
These old habits can be shed as easily as taking off a cloak.
Just because you have been running a behaviour for a long time does not mean that you need along time to get rid of it.
You put in that behaviour in a milli second,
 therefor you can remove it in a milli second too.
You just need to decide to do this,
 then consciously watch out for that behaviour raising
 it's little head,
and take control,
 ease yourself out of it.
This year is a time of change and letting go,
 it is also therefor a time for exciting new possibilities
 to be there for you.
Be aware of these opportunities as they arise
 and be brave enough to take them.
Everything new has a certain risk to it,
 as you have nothing to compare it with,
 but taking that risk is worth it,
 for the more you do,
the easier it gets,
 and the fears subside.
Be brave step forward with certainty,
 and with love in your heart and nothing can go wrong.
Enjoy this year of change and growth.

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