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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Time

Christmas time is apon us once again.

A time for giving and receiving.
Love and joy to all.
Yet some do not have the love and joy,
and have nothing to give or recieve.

This year why not make Christmas -
some thing special for some one you know.
Instead of giving to an anonimous charity.
Look around your neighbourhood,
is there some one you could give to,
they do not need to know,
you can place it in their letter box.
A small offering from some one who cares.
Be brave and then feel the feeling it gives you,
for you are doing this for you,not for them.
The feeling of satisfaction,
this simple act can bring is immence,
I know I do this all the time, so know how it feels.

Try it out for yourself, go on I dare you.
Well here is my gift to you.

You are the most special person in the world.
The Universe created you,
so how could you be other wise?

The energy that runs through you
is the one that creates all life.

You are part of this energy,
 so could you not be perfect,
just the way you are.

Now go out and buy yourself a special gift,
just for you.
I have bought myself the CD
with the song Firework on it, I love it.

I am wrapping it for me and putting it under my tree
to remind myself how special I am to me.

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