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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday motivators

This is the day of being present in your life.
The gift in being present,
is the gift of knowing what it is you want,
and being in the moment
 to see that you already have it surrounding you.

You have all that you need right now,
 be present and know this.
You do not need anything else right now,
 only that which you have already.
Does this make sense?
If not ask yourself what does this mean.

You thought you wanted more money,
better relationships, and to feel better.

Yet I am saying you have all these things and more,
you just do not believe that you have,
seeing is believing they say,
yet believing is seeing really.

See the difference?

Believe in something
 and you have it instantly on the way to you.
Do not believe it is there
 and this is true for you too.

So are you going to gift yourself today
with the power of being present in your life.

Being present means living it to the full
and not wasting time wishing you had more,
and in so doing
 ignoring that which you already have.

Enjoy what you have
and then you invite more of the same into your life.

As simple and as complicated as that.

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