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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monday Motivators - Happiness

Monday Motivators – Happiness.

Happiness is not something you get by doing something

like a holiday or shopping, or buying a new car.

These  only bring temporary satisfaction.

Happiness can never be had by doing, it is a state of being.

All feelings are a state of being not doing.

Decide how you want to be, before you decide what to do.

If all you do comes from a sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness,

then all the actions in the world will not change how you feel.

Change how you feel first

and then all that you will do will come from within

and the outcomes will bring you

happiness and satisfaction.

So how do you change your state of being,

if it is not through doing?

Well thoughts produce emotions which lead to actions,

so the way to happiness is to change your thoughts.

Catch yourself in your thinking,

tune into yourself

and realize how your thoughts are running through your head,

thus producing how you feel.

Acknowledge your feelings,

by simply saying I am feeling ----- whatever it is you are feeling.

This simple act of owning your thoughts and feelings,

without judgement or condemnation

is disempowering to negativity.

This opens up a space in your mind for solutions,

inspiration and yes happiness.
Remember- You can do anything because you are everything

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