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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From here to Eternity

From here to Eternity,
 how do we get from where we are now
 to where you want to be?
The path is there, you just have to walk it.
Passion is your guide and happiness
 and satisfaction is your goal.
Your Soul knows it is eternal and abundant,
 yet you as a personality sometimes forget this
or deny it.
Why would you deny all that is yours
to have and yours to experience forever?
Is it fear of the wealth of all that you desire
coming into fruition?
Is it the disbelief of it all?
Or  is it the fact that you believe
 that you are happy where you are
and do not wish to have the excitement
 and satisfaction
of movement in your life?
Hear the call of your Soul,
 it speaks to you across the void of time,
where the echos of who you truly are reside.
These echos are enhanced and exploded
 into fabulous rainbows of possibilities.
Take some time today
 and tomorrow
 and the next day
and all the days of your life,
 to stop and experience
the abundance of all things around you.
Look at nature
 and the abundance
and abandon it encapsulates within it.
When you concrete a driveway,
 tiny shoots will push their way through any small crack,
 they have the strength and capacity to do this.
They know they have the will
 and the courage to seek out life
 with all of the energy they have.
Life is all to them.
It is now time
 for you to find these same attributes within you,
 they have never been lost,
they have been there all the time,
 you are just choosing to ignore them.
Turn on your life,
 be fully present for yourself and others,
do not get lost in  the machinations of a tedious life,
for you only have one life
and this is it.
Get off the roundabout of the mundane
 and take the ride of your life.
Take a risk
 for it is time for change to come flowing into your life.
Look at what it is you truly want to achieve,
 for today is the day to take the first step in that direction.
What is it you need to do today
to make life meaningful and worthwhile?
Then just go ahead and do it,
it can only make life more daring and exciting,
and there is nothing wrong with that is there?

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