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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's all about the money honey

For those who are afraid of spending money.

You may have seen money used in extravagant ways,
where no one benefits,
 it just flies out the window.
It is wasted and has no value when it is frittered away.
Therefor you do not know how to put a value on money.
So you are scared of spending it incase you get no value for money.
This value for money then becomes a negative
where you will not be willing to part with it unless you can see a value
and because of the fault you see in money,
you just don't spend it,
because you don't see the value.

You need to start keeping an account of where the money goes
and write down the value.
Eg the electricity bill - value is light, heating, the fridge keeping food safe,
washing, drying, etc.

Or clothes - looking good, feeling good, keeping warm or cool (depending on the season)
Presentation to the world. Showing your taste and who you are.

Car allows you to  travel, the value is connecting to others socially, getting to and from work, carrying shopping and goods for you, keeping family ties together.

You can list all the things in your life that cost money and write down the value for them.
It is similar to a gratitude journal,
 but in a gratitude journal you are grateful for the things you have.

When you actually resent the things you have that you have to spend money on,
 a gratitude journal would be a waste of time for you.

This journal is a value journal
where you list all the value you get from the things that cost you money.

This will break down the resistance to appreciating what you already have.
Money of course has no intrinsic value in itself,
it is just a paper or coin made up and produced by man to barter with.

We used to exchange time for time and goods for goods,
but then some one thought it a good idea to make something
that represents that exchange and they called it money.

It is time for you to recognise the fact
that you are using money as an exchange for goods and services.

Just as you are paid for your time and energy and skills at work,
so the money that goes out from you is doing the same.

When you pay the electric bill this goes towards several families income,
you are supporting them in the same way they are supporting you.
This then gives value to every cent you pay on bills.
Whether it is the supermarket, shops, services, petrol, in fact anyway you spend your money, always remind yourself it is going to other families just like yours.
You play a vital valuable role in all of their lives and you do not realise this just now.
Other families rely on your contribution to their welfare,
does this not make your money valuable.

When you spend others can eat,
when you spend others can be warm in their beds.
Think of this when you look at an item you want,
 imagine who made it and how you are going to support not only them,
but the shop keepers family
and hundreds of others along the line that you do not see.

Then you break down all the blockages you have about money
and guilt has gone too.
Happy spending. :):)

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