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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Musings

New Year Musings
It's that time of year again
when we set resolutions
 that come crashing down
 after a few months,
or even days.
Why do we seem to set ourselves up for failure?
Perhaps we could try a new idea.
Intention is a very powerful idea to use,
we all know what setting goals is all about.
say for example,
a holiday,
set the date,
 take the steps of booking hotels,
buying suitable clothes,
then going etc.
We all know how to set and achieve a goal
usually these are for things
 we know how to get logically.
An intention is usually about something
 which you have no idea how to get,
such as peace,
or satisfaction,
for example.
Goals are usually about things you can get,
intentions are about how you want to feel.
So what are your intentions for this year?
What are your intentions?
For study?
Self improvement?
Family relationships?
Romantic relationships?
Your work?
Where you live?
and most important
When you set an intention,
you are telling the Universe
 exactly what it is you require.
The Universe then responds.
When you set a goal,
 you then take the steps forward
towards its completion.
Setting an intention seems to work
 in the opposite direction,
the Universe brings towards you,
experiences to choose that which you intended.
How do you set an intention?
I know that when I reach out my right hand
 and tap it whilst stating the intention, 
 it is set for me.
Then I watch out for those experiences coming my way
some times they are instananeous!
You may be some one
who likes to have another type of ritual
 to set up your intentions,
such as lighting a candle and focusing on the intentions.
For others, writing them down can be powerful.
You will know what is right for you.
Remember you are talking to the Universe
 and it is always listening in to what you say.
Start thinking in a different way,
setting intentions,
then looking for the opportunities
 that come your way to experience them.
See what that does for you this year.

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